Love it: ModelCo's amazing CHEEK & LIPS tint

I love a multitasking product as you know, and lip and cheek tints are often some of the best buys out there when they are created by great brands. One I have discovered of late - and fallen head over heels for - is ModelCo's CHEEK & LIPS, which is reportedly one of ambassador Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s top picks (if it gives me her cheekbones and lips too I’ll let you know!).
Housed in a small-but-perfectly formed tube, it is a lightweight, dual-purpose cheek and lip tint that delivers a “natural, rosy (Rosie?) glow”. It comes in the form of a long-lasting gel formulation that glides on super smoothly, and with careful application you’ll end up with the perfect amount of sheer colour for just-flushed cheeks and a lightly stained lip. It’s the perfect summer and on holiday product, and was one of my top picks when I was off to Bali as it gives a great "no makeup" look with a subtle hint of colour that brightens the complexion like you wouldn’t believe. ModelCo say that you can combine it with their SHINE Lip Gloss for a softer, glossy lip, but I love its natural, dewy colour all on its own.
To apply, start by using a brush or your finger to dab a small about of CHEEK & LIPS onto the apple of your cheeks and lightly blend. It dries quickly (and seriously lasts) so you want to get things right from the get-go. Start small and build is my advice. To apply to your lips, once again start by lightly dabbing with your fingers and rub off any excess tint from your fingertips ASAP, as it can temporarily stain.
So there you go - one of my favourite products right now and one that will only get more use as the warmer weather heats up - guaranteed!


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