Love it: Diptyque Poudre Purete Radiance Boosting Powder

It was always going to be wondrous news when Diptyque announced they would be creating body products, then even more exciting when the iconic French brand said that it is in the market for reinventing facial beauty treatments with its Art du Soin range, a new beauty line bringing innovative new textures to skincare.
If you haven’t tried it yet then be prepared for a whole new sensory experience from Diptyque's first foray into facial products, which combines high performance, unique products with ultra-chic scents. I love all of it, from the soft, Damask rose-scented Infused Facial Water that douses the skin in a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals (which I added to my ‘must buy’ list after trying it in store at Mecca Cosmetica), to the Radiance Boosting Powder, a white clay scattered with petals that changes to a light mousse when mixed with water.
I’ve been using the latter on a regular basis and have fallen head over heels in love with it, in particular its amazing texture. It combines natural white clay powder, which purifies and remineralises skin, with powdered rose, jasmine, and neroli petals. With a splash of water and a touch of the special foam ball, the beautiful scented powder amazingly turns into a creamy lather that leaves skin clean and clear.
To use, just moisten your hands and face with warm water then place one dose (approximately a half-teaspoon) carefully in your palm and work the powder into a creamy lather with the ball. Gently massage face with small, circular movements, avoiding the eye area. Rinse with warm water or soak a washcloth in warm water and gently wipe et voila - sparkling clean skin!
Apparently when mixed with the Infused Facial Water it becomes a light and airy froth with more concentrated infusions, making it particularly suited to skin with special care needs.
Other beautiful products in the range include a Nourishing Cleansing Balm with floral wax that transforms into oil at your fingertips (LOVE the sound of that_, or the Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay with exfoliating properties guaranteed to be gentle on the skin. Last but not least, the Protective Moisturising Lotion with lily and grape extracts to bring extra shine to your complexion.
If this luxurious collection sounds like a bit of you pop into theMecca Cosmetica store on online here and check it out.


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