All about: The Phoenix Organics Love Project

I absolutely love the beach and know many a person who agrees with that sentiment, so the fact that more than 1,015,884 litres of rubbish has been collected from Kiwi beaches since 2009 - equivalent to 31 full shipping containers of waste - is pretty damn horrifying.
Equally as alarmed by this overwhelming statistic was Phoenix Organics, who has joined forces with the amazing Sustainable Coastlines initiative and Tangaroa Blue Foundation to create The Love Project. This project aims to empower Kiwis to vote and help clean up our globally famous beaches for the next generation.
To launch the Phoenix Love Project across New Zealand and Australia, Phoenix has collaborated with three artists who have created a bespoke artwork inspired by their love of our planet to raise awareness and support the great work of the two charities.  All artworks will be part of a limited edition series of bottles, using the three most loved Phoenix products to spread the good word - Phoenix Organic Cola, Lemonade and Ginger Beer. Artists involved include Mica Still from Wellington, Meghan Geliza from Auckland and Mulga from Sydney.
Locals passionate about keeping our ‘clean and green’ image can also visit Phoenix’s Facebook page to vote for the beach they love the most and would like to keep clean. The Phoenix Love Project has contributed $40,000 to Sustainable Coastlines and Tangaroa Blue Foundation to complete beach cleanup projects over the summer months.
Last up, in celebration of The Love Project, people will also get the chance to be part of a live art installation in Auckland, late October with artists Meghan Geliza and Mica Still.
So get in there and do your bit -the three amazing looking limited edition bottles are available in cafes now across New Zealand and Australia and will be available until late Spring.


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