Recipe love: Bestow's liver friendly green smoothie

One of the beauty products I most recommend to people when they ask me for advice is Bestow Beauty Oil, a product that is the work of the inspirational Janine Tait. She has expanded the Bestow line to also include a Beauty Powder and a Detox Powder, and purchases always come with a beautifully illustrated recipe card with something super yummy to create using Bestow on it.
Her newsletters also always include an inspirational recipe or two, and one that caught my eye recently is for a ridiculously yummy green smoothie. One of the easiest ways to spring clean your body with summer on its way is by committing to have a green smoothie, full of leafy greens, every day. This smoothie recipe is from Karen Niven Naturopath, and includes some Bestow essentials to get your body well prepped for the coming monthjs.


½ quantity of coconut water

½ quantity of water

½ a lemon

A handful of leafy greens like kale, parsley, spinach, silver beet, chard, or any other green vegetable that can be wrapped around your finger (it is advisable to rotate your greens rather than have the same one continuously).

1 green apple

1 tablespoon each of Bestow Be Cleansed
 and Bestow Beauty Oil

Sweeten with stevia if required


Cut the lemon and apple into smaller pieces to be kinder to your blender. You may wish to peel the lemon (but leave the pith) and apple if they are conventionally grown or you would prefer your drink to have a smoother consistency. However, lots of goodness is found in the peel if they are organically grown so you may work up to leaving them on in time.
Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend thoroughly until smooth.
Sweeten to taste with Stevia. Stevia doesn’t spike your insulin levels like other sweeteners and it is available at your local organic store or health food shop.
Drink up, feel good and enjoy!


  1. where does one find Bestow products? Would be keen to try this rather than just juicing. Thank you. Mary

  2. Stockists should be on the website - I get mine from Elle in Mount Eden or Persona in Grey Lynn : )

    or email the amazing and clever creator of Bestow,


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