Love it: Karen Murrell’s new shade Scarlett Blaze

The first thing I fell in love with when it comes to Karen Murrell’s new lipstick colour Scarlett Blaze was the packaging - pure, unadulterated retro gorgeousness! She was inspired by the “total opulence, glitz and glamour of the 1920’s,” but to me it looks like a seriously fabulous Studio 54 era babe, and I guess women of both scenes spent time at endless parties, had luxurious lifestyles and drank, danced and slicked on rich and vividly coloured lipstick.
It’s definitely a ‘statement’ shade rather than a neutral, a velvety deep cerise/plum colour that is richer than any of the reds that Karen has designed before, and absolutely beautiful. It would be perfect worn alone over summer with just bronzer and mascara, or teamed with a smokey eye after hours at any time of year. And like all Karen Murrell lipsticks, it contains no animal based materials  - thumbs up to that! What it does contain is yummy stuff like Avocado Oil to provide moisture, nourishment and hydration, Cinnamon for fuller, plumper lips, Omega 6-rich Evening Primrose Oil and Carnauba Wax; meaning it’s hard-wearing in even the roughest handbag.
Scarlett Blaze is in store October 1, I highly recommend that you check it out!


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