Love it: Osmosis Refresh PM eye repair serum

One of the key elements that has kept me going this New Zealand Fashion Week has been regular doses of Osmosis’ amazing Yellow Diamonds, which we all know I’m a giant fan of. To say I have been bright eyed and bushy tailed would be an understatement - and the takeaway coffees have been at a minimum!
Another Osmosis product I have to thank for my outward appearance of being well rested is the skincare brand’s Refresh PM eye repair serum, which pretty much works while you sleep to hydrate and protect the delicate skin around the eyes. This luxurious and potent eye cream gently pumps away fine lines, and then works deeper into the skin to work on long-term damage using a unique blend of plant liquid crystals along with GHK copper peptides. If you're already using Osmosis you'll know about the power of layering products, and this gets even more of a boost by being applied on top of the brand's Stem Factor serum massaged in with a little Clear. 
It’s a sticky little formula but incredibly easy to use - apply just a tiny amount (less than a pea size in my experience) tapped around the eye area and you’re good to go. And although it has the term “PM” in the title I use mine day and night and also as a lip treatment as recommended by Osmosis’ Kay Roby - a very worthy beauty tip if ever there was one! Love the stuff…


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