How to: D&M’s Danny Pato for Joico for Hailwood W14

Last night the highlight of New Zealand Fashion Week 2013 for me thus far was the effortlessly gorgeous, sexy and self assured Hailwood show, with hair by JOICO, directed by D&M darling and all round hair genius, Danny Pato.  "This collection is all about winter glamour,” said designer Adrian Hailwood - think the modern woman's suit, textured fabrics, rich hologram prints in electric blue, mint and gold beading and some SERIOUS gowns. Adrian also launched his denim range at the show, which had a definite nod to the Seventies and was as sleek and skinny as it gets.
Adrian worked with the JOICO team headed by Danny to create three hair looks that worked with the above aesthetic, and the key words seemed to be luxury and absolute femininity. Look one was a middle parting with brushed out finger waves (the hero look), look two had a low side parting with brushed out finger waves and the final look was a side parting with sleek, wet finger waves. I got the low down from Danny after the show about how to recreate the hero look, which he says is most definitely achievable at home:
1. Prime hair with JOICO Structure Foundation and make a perfect part in the middle of the head.or a low side part or a part for something a little different.
2. Curl the hair section by section using a Cloud Nine Wand – spritzing each section with JOICO Smooth Cure Thermal Styling Protectant ($31) before curling. Pin each curl to the head and wait to cool.
3. Once the hair is cool, brush out using a boar bristle brush. If your hair is fine apply JOICO Structure Dust ($28) to the mid section and ends for extra volume and texture.
4. Secure with a light misting of JOICO Power Spray (RRP $26) to set the look, whilst allowing natural movement.


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