How to: ghd for Andrea Moore AW14 at NZFW

One of the shows that really stood out for me last week at New Zealand Fashion Week was Andrea Moore’s tight, well-edited collection for AW14 titled ‘Northern Lights’. It took its inspiration from
Scandinavia and their tradition of mysterious stories and enchanted animals, and was a riot of crisp and clean silhouettes and popping colours (the bags were to die for). The focus was on the waist and the graceful curve of the back, and designer Moore collaborated with ghd ambassador Sara Allsop from Dharma salon to create a clean and structured hair look to complement. Deep clean centre partings on the top of the head were created with a juicy wet-look finish moving towards the back, and it is definitely a look that can travel from the runway to the real way with veritable ease.
Sara gave a run down on exactly how, which is as follows:
Step1: Prep the hair with ghd Straight & Tame Cream and ghd Curl Hold Spray.
Step 2: Blow dry the hair using the ghd air™ professional hairdryer and ghd Oval Dressing Brush to get minimal root lift.
Step 3: Using a ghd Tail Comb, take a strong centre parting to the crown and then section the hair starting at the nape.
Step 4: Using ghd eclipse™ work through each section, straightening from roots to tips.
Step 5: Once the entire head has been straightened, take small sections starting at the ears, and apply ghd Smooth & Finish Serum on each section combing from the roots.

Step 6: Once at the top of the centre part ensure the serum is applied from the roots to approximately half the hair length. The ends of the hair should be left dry and straight.
Step 7: Tuck and comb the hair behind the ears.
Step 8: Use ghd Final Shine Spray to finish.


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