Friday, March 11, 2011

In love: Tom Bachik's Artistic Nail Design

The brainchild of US celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik (pictured), Artistic Nail Design is one of those things that beauty freaks like me get ridiculously excited about.
Touching down soon in New Zealand thanks to the team at Switch Funky – who also gifted us the magical Minx – it is the latest Gel Polish manicure system to hit the market, and quite possibly the best.
Tom is one of the world’s top manicurists, working on a daily basis with celebrities and fashion industry leaders at the coalface of what’s hot right this minute, as well as the man responsible for introducing those in the know to some of Chanel’s fiercest shades. Needless to say, he’s on the cutting edge of the trends emerging in colour as they happen, and his nail shades reflect that.
Artistic Nail Design’s Colour Gloss Soak-Off Gel Polish is launching with an incredible 38 shades, to be followed up seasonally with the most on-trend colour collections you’re likely to get. I tried the system myself this week – starting with a deep red that is destined to stay put for up to three weeks – and can honestly say that this wipes the floor with the competition thus far. Its high gloss finish is incredible, and with an application and curing time that sees a full, glossy, touch dry manicure achieved in around 20 minutes is a godsend for busy types that love to rock a painted nail but often don’t have the time nor the patience. A quick soak is all that is needed for removal, and unlike its competitors Bachik’s system can apparently be rebalanced with no damage to the natural nail. It’s also a great option for a pedicure – it’ll stay put and look fabulous for weeks on end, and won’t stain your nails like many other polishes. For super healthy nails keep applying cuticle oil twice a day, every day, and you’ll have no problems post-soak off.
For enquiries within New Zealand about where you can get your hands on this fabulous nail system for yourself talk to super manicurist Leah Light, 021 640690 or


  1. What do you mean when you say "..Bachik's system can apparently be rebalanced with no damage to the natural nail"?

    You're talking about a soak off gel polish, right?

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  3. According to the local tech - Leah whose details I've given - this is correct. And yes, it is a soak off gel/polish hybrid.