In love with: Wella System Professional

Wella System Professional – or SP as it’s more commonly known – is one of the world’s top salon brands with damn good reason. It really is the one brand that excels when it comes to total personalization, with a vast collection of products to choose from that target the needs of your hair and beyond. They recognise that not only does each individual have slightly different hair; but that your hair undergoes numerous subtle and serious changes over time that necessitates an evolving approach to your haircare system.
As well as a line up of truly awesome products, Wella SP has just launched a series of In Salon Infusions that help take your hair to whole new heights, and I was lucky enough to experience one recently at Kensington Hairdressing in the Auckland suburb of Remuera. There are five different infusions available – Smmothen, Hydrate, Repair, Volumize and Colour Save – that when combined with an SP treatment mask offer an incredible range of 35 personalised hair care prescriptions – which is no mean feat! The stylist in charge of my treatment at Kensington was Manju, who gave my hair a good old wash and then took me to a table covered in magazines to begin my treatment. This was a seriously amazing thing to offer – how many times have you found yourself head twisted back over a basin for up to thirty minutes while a treatment is applied and processes? She began by applying an emulsion to my often-oily roots – this has a foam-like consistency, so acted on my hair but didn’t weigh it down. This was followed by the richer, protein-based Repair Mask applied to the mid lengths and ends, and a hydrating infusion was added for an extra boost. She then gave me a gorgeous head massage and then sat me under a heat lamp for five minutes while the treatment penetrated further and did its work.
After the treatment was washed off – although the effects will last for an incredible five washes – my silky smooth hair was blow dried by Wella Trend Vision Silver Award winner Terry Whaitiri, just to top off a truly gorgeous experience. Wella SP and Kensington Hairdressing – I love you!


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