Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet: Dr. Hauschka’s newest recruit, Melissa

Legendary holistic skincare brand Dr. Hauschka aren’t ones to release a brand new product every other week, crowing about how it’s the new “must have” and essential to every woman’s beauty arsenal. They take their time creating beautiful, high performance new products with integrity, and word of a new release is always cause for excitement.
Jennifer Aniston has said of the brand, "this natural skincare range really suits my skin. It’s very soothing and smells exquisite”, and although she’s a dedicated fan of their Rose Day Cream, these attributes also apply to their all new, very exciting Melissa Day Cream. Developed in answer to their customer’s demands for a dedicated day cream that addresses combination skin, Melissa Day Cream meets the conflicting needs of sensitive combination skin by stimulating the skin’s natural activity. Combination skin unites two very different skin types with contradictory needs. It requires moisturising for the dry areas and regulating care for the oily areas that result from overactive sebum production. By providing both moisturising care for dry areas of skin and moisture-regulating care for oily areas, Melissa Day Cream effectively treats and balances skin, and smells absolutely incredible. The hero ingredient, Melissa (AKA Lemon Balm), is a medicinal herb, which has the unique ability to regulate different moisture levels, and help skin regain a natural, healthy balance. Oily, dry and sensitive complexions are harmonised, and irritable or reddened skin is soothed and softened. Also included are Anthyllis and Carrot extracts, which together with Melissa help clear oily zones with their shine reducing properties. If you’re a Combination girl then I totally recommend getting to know the lovely Melissa, who really could become your new best friend!
*For a little more about Melissa and the “real” women that feature in Dr. Hauschka’s campaign shots, visit their cute micro-site here.

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