Thursday, March 10, 2011

Learning about: KMS California’s curlup

I haven’t got curly hair myself, but have friends that do who are often asking me what the hell they can do to tame their mops. I love the look of curls on a girl, but they are incredibly high maintenance if you want to stay looking groomed as opposed to the wrong side of crazy.
Curls and waves come in all shapes, sizes and textures—from fine to coarse and from loose waves to tight spirals – so it’s will great fanfare that the clever people at KMS California have announced the arrival of their curlup collection, which offers products that control and condition for all types of curly hair.
Curlup products enhance, control and create, offering customized style whatever your flavour of curl. Together, the products in the curlup collection - shampoo, conditioner, Curling Balm, Control Crème and Bounce Back Spray - keep curly and wavy hair moisturized, bouncy and shiny, while providing flexible hold, definition and that essential crunch-free finish. The product I love the sound of is curlup Control Crème, which is ideal for inconsistent curls and coarse, frizzy textures. It pretty much “bundles” hair into soft, touchable curls, while calming unruly frizz and flyaways. And like all of the curlup products, it features a fusion of patented IOPS technology with orange and mint to deliver superior product performance and smells delicious. Get in there curly girls – this stuff sounds amazing!

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