I’ll have lashings of lashes please QVS!

I have a friend who works as a celebrity make up artist internationally and swears by the power of a great false lash. His clients are some seriously high profile ladies and he never lets them leave the house without a strip on each eye, making for some rather gorgeous paparazzi shots. And hey – if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for me!
Lashes are a staple in every L.A. girl’s beauty routine – see Ms. Megan Fox, above - and surprisingly easy to use once you’ve had a few practice runs. They aren’t just a failsafe way of adding drama either, working equally as well during the day for a super pretty no-make up look with just a dusting of bronzer. If you’re getting ready for a big event and want to make sure they’re on securely, M.A.C makeup counters will sell and apply false lashes for a special occasion look and their selection of styles and lengths is huge. For an at-home application – and cheap enough for a few practice runs – my pick are QVS’ range of lashes that are a steal at around $10.00 - $12.00. These lashes are handily pre-glued and tapered for an easy fit, and there's even extra adhesive included in each pack for when it’s time to re-use. They can easily be cleaned with a little eye make remover, then left somewhere safe to air dry. My favourites are the natural look lashes that are crossed at the base for extra volume where you need it, so I reckon grab a pack ASAP and have a go!


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