Daily delight: finally getting my Minx on!

I’ve had some great manicures in my time, but none that has elicited such a huge reaction from strangers as my first encounter with Minx! Within five minutes of leaving my appointment with the lovely Hayley at Magic Tan & Beauty I had not one but two women stop me in the street and saying, ”wow… I love your nails!” Admittedly the Minx nails I had chosen were pretty eye catching – the animal print Golden Lightning Cheetah, the top seller worldwide – but when having nail art applied I don’t see the point in doing subtle!
Magic Tan & Beauty applied Minx nails for recording artist MIA when she was in town for the Big Day Out, and she was already familiar with this super cool product. My cheetah-print nails were applied in less than 45 minutes, mainly because - despite its perfect finish – Minx is not nail polish at all! Instead, foil appliques are applied to each nail and sealed in by a heat lamp after a thorough prep of your nail bed and cuticles etc. They are then filed to fit your natural nail shape and length, which for me is a reasonably short “squoval” i.e. a squared off oval. For me a long nail with this type of treatment can look a little too “Jersey Shore” – not that I’ve got anything against Snooki and pals, but I’m just not that exciting! Minx nails don’t chip and last for about a week and a half to two weeks, and when you’re ready to take them off you just heat them gently with a hair dryer until they are soft and floppy, then peel them off with zero damage to your nails. A hairdryer can also be used if they start to lift, fusing them back to your nail.
Minx is seriously a lot of fun, and if you’re going to have fun with your beauty look then playing with your nails is definitely a safe place to start. Hey, if it’s good enough for Gaga (sporting Minx nails, above)… then it’s definitely good enough for me.


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