Hair I love: when bigger is definitely better

No matter what hair length I have – currently just on the shoulder, for the record – I love a lot of volume, and for evening, I like to go BIG! Wearing my clip in extensions is always fun and gives great hair thanks to the fact that they were cut to expertly match my hair’s shape and colour thanks to Lauren Gunn from Stephen Marr, but even without I like a bit of size and movement.
The best way to get loads of volume is run mousse through damp hair, then pick up your blow dryer and a decent sized round brush. Start blow-drying to the side straight away, then wrap sections of hair around the brush, holding each in place for a few seconds so that you're using the brush almost like a Velcro roller or curling tong, heating the hair on it instead of pulling it smooth. You can even pin these in curls with a few bobby pins if you have a little extra time, letting them cool and then carefully releasing them. When you're finished drying, rub a dab of pomade such as L'Oréal Professionnel Lumi Contrôle or similar over your fingers, then use them to break up the ends and keep things from looking too “done”. Voila – awesome va-va-voom hair that’s touchable to boot!


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