Hair I love: The Mini Pompadour/Quiff

Not all poufs are created equal—and this one is definitely more sophisticate and less Jersey Shore. For this half-up/half-free flowing style, grab the section of hair on the top of your head between the temples and tease it with a tail comb at the roots to create some height. You can go as high as you like but I recommend keeping things subtle (especially for day), and if you need some extra grip due to having shiny, just-washed locks spray on some dry shampoo or sprinkle on a little of Kevin Murphy’s latest wonder product, Powder.Puff. Next up smooth it out with your fingers and pin down the hair at the centre of your crown; leaving the rest loose and lovely. Tong the loose locks a little for a look similar to this beautiful shot from Allure, and then watch this style get better as the day goes on.


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