Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hair I love: big, bouncy, beautiful curls

Nothing says "bombshell" like a flowing heap of cascading, healthy curls - ask any supermodel or Venezuelan Beauty Queen! The key to keeping this look pretty and modern is to avoid the overuse of spray and keeping things as touchable and soft as possible. To get this look you need hair that's at least a little past the shoulders, to which you apply mousse when it's damp, followed by a little serum on the ends if you need it. Blow-dry without using a brush if you can get away with it, then use a one-inch curling iron to roll hair sections up, from the ends to the scalp, and hold each there for a second. After sliding out the iron, pin the curls to the head for extra stickability, especially when you're in humidity-heavy climes like the Southern Hemisphere right now. When they've cooled, release the curls and fluff them with a brush, then add a LITTLE spray to keep things tidy, but not solid. Sexy? You betcha!

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