Why you need: Dermalogica's Sponge Cloth

By day my usual modus operandi is to go make up free bar some mascara and a soft matte lippy, but when it’s time to go out I love to go mad with the tar black liner and shadow topped off with lashings of mascara. Come home time this can often turn pear shaped as I struggle to get the whole thing off, and my husband can vouch for the amount of bathroom towels I’ve trashed in the process. Luckily for me – and my homewares budget – I’ve recently discovered Dermalogica’s Sponge Cloth, after a very strong recommendation from therapist Jasmine at Louise Gray Skincare. The perfect companion product for their incredible PreCleanse cleansing oil(a huge favourite of mine and an essential for make up wearers everywhere), it is essentially a super-soft cleansing cloth made from bio-degradeable, bacteria-resistant fabric. Gentle enough for even the most sensitized skin, it lets you give your skin a really good rub without aggravating it in the slightest, and feels soft as a baby’s proverbial. Like a chamois, its hardness disappears when dampened with water to remove all cleansers, and it pretty much lasts forever. Rinse it thoroughly after each use and allow it to air dry, and just throw it in the washing machine once a week to get any stains out. Magic? It just may be!


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