Why you need: Kérastase's Elixir Ultime

I know women who have been using oils in their hair for years now, but it was the now cult product Moroccanoil that really bought the traditional treatment to the mainstream’s attention and assured us all that - used correctly – oil can be your crowning glory’s saving grace.
It took global haircare giant Kérastase to take things into the luxury arena however, with the release of the truly divine Elixir Ultime onto the European and American markets last year. I was lucky enough to have some rubbed gently through my locks at a salon in Europe whilst on holiday there in November, and loved it so much that I came home cursing that I hadn’t added a few bottles to my luggage. Fast forward to February however and it’s finally been released in New Zealand, thank god! And upon first use it really is as great as I remembered.
As one of the key innovators in haircare, Kérastase pioneered oil technology a while back with the launch of the hero range Oléo-Relax, designed specifically
to help smooth, nourish and control fine, dry, rebellious hair. Drawing on its heritage, expertise and experience Kérastase then created the truly wonderful Elixir Ultime, which harnesses the collective powers of four precious oils. These are:
Pracaxi Oil - Originating from the Amazon (home of many an amazing beauty and health ingredient) Pracaxi oil is known for its benefits on skin. It’s a powerful cocktail of emollient and active anti-oxidant ingredients that work to bring shine, nourishment and condition to the hair.
Argan Oil - One of the rarest oils in the world, Argan oil originates from Morocco and is the base of the now famous Moroccanoil. It is prized for its reparative and regenerative properties and helps to restore the vibrancy and strength of the hair.
Maize Oil - A Kérastase heritage oil, Maize oil was the star ingredient in Kérastase’s first ever hair mask “Masque Maïs”. Rich in vitamins A, E and Omega 6, it offers the hair advanced emollient and active anti-oxidant ingredients for shine, suppleness and protection.
Camellia Oil - Drawn from camellia flowers from Central and Eastern Asia, Camellia oil is the most fragrant and luxurious of the oils. It is also a source of Vitamin F and fatty acids Omegas 3 and 6, helping to smooth the hair fibre and give shine and suppleness.
That is one potent formula! Elixir Ultime is also a must have for your haircare arsenal due to it’s multiple uses – and you know how much I love a multitasker. Firstly, you can use it as a pre-cleanse product to prepare the hair before shampoo as it helps to remove impurities while adding deep nourishment (this is ideal for fine or thick hair types). When applied to lengths and ends before blow drying it nourishes the hair, whilst it also makes a great finishing product to control flyaway hair and frizz and reapplied if need be throughout the day. Love this product, and bet you will too.


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