Why not try: Ego SunSense Anti-Ageing Face Matte

There are plenty of great sunscreens out there for use on the face, but a hell of a lot of the pharmacy brands have a hefty price tag that often only reflects the fancy packaging. I just came across Ego’s SunSense Anti-Ageing Face Matte though, which sounds like a super beneficial, well-priced (NZD $29.95) product that also protects from the sun. It is a new anti-ageing sunscreen specifically designed to combat premature ageing caused by prolonged exposure to the sun, but is also a tinted matte formula with the addition of iron oxides to help blend invisibly over your skin. So many heavy duty sunblocks remain on the surface of the skin and make it hard for make up to sit easily on top, but you hardly know that this puppy is there. It also includes AHAs (vitamins E and B3) to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and has a deeply moisturising base that softens and rehydrates without feeling greasy. Last up, it’s broad spectrum; blocking UV-A and UV-B rays. Check it out.


  1. I would like to try this, but can't help but feel that a sunscreen that contains AHAs might just defeat the purpose a wee bit. Since AHAs thin the skin and make it more prone to sun damage I have heard dermatologists warn to stay away from products that combine the two - and in fact many say AHAs should only be used at night when they are less likely to result in burned skin. Rave review from you makes me keen to check it out though! x

  2. I think it should be fine as there is no Vitamin A involved? It's the type of AHA that's the important thing, and those two are hydrating and strengthening... I'm going to give it a go though, will let you know what I think! x


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