Monday, January 4, 2010

A glimpse of the future: time to go matte...

In the December 2010 issue of British Vogue, the beauty team 'nailed' the trend for matte nail polish, highlighting it as the key manicure trend for Winter 2010. I’ve always been a fan of matte over glossy, but until now there haven’t been too many products that can help you take things too matte without looking powdery and just plain over made up. In the last year however, recent make-up ranges have been specifically designed to give you that soft, suede finish without the build up, and nothing looks quite as polished as a perfectly powdered complexion. Revlon's Matte Collection - an selection of easy to wear eye shadows, blushers, liners and lipsticks, all densely pigmented but smooth in texture - are as soft and flattering as any shimmer. Beauty giant L'Oreal Paris have reportedly integrated a primer with light-reflecting pigments into their Matte Morphose Foundation which, whilst leaving a soft velvety finish, also adds luminosity, to take away that 'cakey' effect. Meanwhile, with highly respected runway make-up artist Dick Page on board as Artistic Director at Shiseido, some great things are coming out in the brand’s new collections, including Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte lipsticks. Formulated using their Smoothing Matte Powder, it gives the lipstick a lasting power and sheer pigment that is universally flattering on just about any woman. Lipstick Queen - my new rave brand – do a brilliant line in matte lipsticks and amazingly, gloss. Cleverly titled Oxymoron, it feels as smooth and sheer to wear as a gloss but looks matte on the lips. It comes in four super sweet and subtle shades inspired by the colors of cheek blush so that finally a lip product can do to your lips what blush does to the cheeks...make them look glowing and romantic. Go matte, young lady, I dare you!

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