Monday, January 18, 2010

Essential reading: Beautiful Eyes

One of the hottest international make up artists right now is Aussie Rae Morris, whose wit, work and wisdom has seen her travel all over the world to work on some of the hottest editorial and celebrity looks. Her words are also highly sought after - her first book, Makeup, was published in 2008 and quickly topped the bestseller lists, remaining there ever since. Makeup is now widely considered by beauty industry insiders, as well as thousands of makeup lovers, as THE indispensible guide to modern makeup techniques, tricks and trade secrets. Towards the end of 2009 she released her second book, focussing primarily on one of the essential parts of any “face”: Beautiful Eyes. She partnered up once again with the formidable photographic talents of Steven Chee (Vogue, Marie Claire, Oyster) to create a simply gorgeous book that works for the top of your dressing or your coffee table, and I for one can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. The weighty tome features in depth, step by step guides to looks from the edgy and dramatic to the simplistically beautiful; using world-renowned faces like Catherine McNeil, Lara Bingle, Miranda Kerr, Cheyenne Tozzi and Emma Booth as guinea pigs. There are detailed colour charts for every eye colour by shade and depth, which are then sub categorized by eyeliner, enhancer and hero colours recommended for each. She also gives tips on eyebrow shaping, eyelash preparation and the entirely daunting and ever growing market of false eyelashes. I’m definitely tracking down a copy today – this sounds like essential reading for beauty freaks.

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