Monday, January 11, 2010

Into the future II: think BIG, think BOLD

For another look into the future, one of the big guns - Lancôme Celebrity Artist Darais – recently predicted the makeup looks that he can envisage really taking flight in 2010. And yet again, it appears that 2010 is influenced by some of the top styles from past decades, reinterpreted in a thoroughylu modern way. “Celebrities are tired of playing it safe,” he said, “High-definition TV scared them and their makeup artists, so everyone's makeup got toned down and safe.” Safe no longer gets the attention, though, and thanks to supernovas like Lady Gaga (pictured above) and punk trends from the 80s, “glam rock is back and should be taken advantage of in 2010”.
His key looks to watch out for were:
* Natural skin from the Seventies combined with a powerful comeback of the eighties on the eyes, cheeks, and lips. “Minimise any imperfections while maximising your eyes, cheeks, and lips.”

Eyes will include too many shades, “but go for it! It won't be forever. Green, blue, pink, and purple will all have a place in 2010”. Line the eyes on top with a green pencil and line the lower lash line with blue. Use pink and purples in the crease, and then reverse the color placements the next day. Lashes will be heavily coated with more than two coats. 

* Brows will be thicker, fuller and darker to give the face a more youthful frame.

 So, if you're think of getting all couture on us and bleaching them, think before you highlight!
* Blush make a comeback. For cheeks, think pink. “In some instances, you will see pink blush run all the way up into the eye makeup and through the crease,” he says, “and also, strong cheek highlights will be applied using not only white eye shadows but also beads, plastic, accessories and small crystals and diamonds glued onto the tops of cheeks and around the highlights of the eyes”. Eyelash glue will be a must.

* Lips will be leaning towards peach and pink. Try a peach lipstick with a pink gloss or a pink lipstick with a peach gloss, “both give an amazing custom color blend! When it comes to the intensity... you get to be the judge of that."

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