Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Into the future III: Wella Trend Vision 2010

Each year, Wella Professionals unveil their key looks for the upcoming twelve months in terms of cutting edge cut and colour, under the moniker Trend Vision. Trend Vision 2010 is something very special though, as for the first time, Wella Professionals Global Creative Directors – and living beauty legends - Josh Wood and Eugene Souleiman were the creative minds behind the looks. Unveiled at International Trend Vision Award in Berlin late last year to nearly 2000 top international stylists, the new trends will now be starting to hit the high streets with a bang. For 2010 the four looks take inspiration from a blend of culture, nature, dreams and theatricals: Nomad Couture, Nature’s Goddess, Techno Poetry and Midnight Stage, with a plethora of carefully resreached references behind each trend. In the words of the experts:
Nomad Couture
This is inspired by a new chic and the effects of modern mobility. Colour takes on its own meanings and language as we use it for individual style expression. This look witnesses a collision of eclectic cultural influences thanks to an ongoing love affair with travel. Different inspirations come together to create new things that transcends cultural and regional barriers. A life without limits that opens up new perspectives that go beyond our imagination. Traditional symbols from diverse cultures are reworked with modern twists as strong acid-bright colours beat at the heart of this trend. For hair this means it’s ultra stylish with structured cuts showcasing a mix of different textures and styles in one look. Colour is reddish brown tones that incorporate natural base colours mixed with hot bright accents. Souleiman summed this look up best when he said, “I drew inspiration from lots and lots of travelling for this look, especially around the Far East. This is a very Eastern look for me. There are contrasts between the really dark ebony tones and vibrant reds that you find in a lot of art and design. Such true colours hint at ancient culture.”
Nature’s Goddess (my favourite, pictured above)
This is inspired by confident, assertive women and uses the strength and enchantment of nature to burst with richness and luxurious escapism. The palette is captivatingly feminine combining fresh autumnal tones of soft salmons and hot corals, with vivid aquamarines and luscious beige-browns illustrating a new sense of womanhood. For hair it translates into perfectly imperfect hair embracing flowing layers that embody feminine seduction. The tousled texture freely cascades over the shoulders for natural richness and movement as vibrant gloss colour accents in hot apricots and gingers empowers natural warmth. Cuts and style take their reference from natural movement. The movement of style is full of mysterious imperfection, ultimately the epitome of modern female elegance. Wood says “Wow this hair is show stopping! Vintage Gucci was a huge influence, best demonstrating glossy shiny hair and using strong shades of amber, orange and red colour to set the mood”. Souleiman adds, “I think of Brooke Shields – really laid back with sexy hair. This is about strong, sexy women who have the confidence to relax with carefree, textured locks. She knows how sexy she is – empowered and strong.”
Techno Poetry
This is all about dreaming with your eyes open. Dreams are no longer just illusory visions – they come true. This is a modern fantasy made real as urban living is made beautiful by technological innovations that take on softer, gentler and more poetically-inspired guises. For hair, this appears in soft feminine styles that combine these transparencies and lightness with different textures and movement. Colour is ultra gentle – soft blondes are worn with subtle shimmering pastels in a gradation of playful colours.
Midnight Stage
This is like a role–play stage that provides our lives with extraordinary enrichment. We are actors on life’s stage who know not to take ourselves too seriously. It unleashes self-expression by mixing and twisting codes and references for an irreverent attitude steeped in fun. For hair this means dramatic, decadent and edgy, using texture juxtaposed with high impact contrasts. Hair takes on board this art of the unexpected utilising all the flexible styling products available with which to create ever new inventive looks. Creative colours of deep denims, indigos and cobalts play daring accents through the sheeny rolled and experimentally formed styles. Hair colour looks jet blue and black with blue undertones adding the drama of the night. “Hair looks like it was lit in a nightclub,” says Wood.

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