Summer must-have: The Facialist Ice Globes

Of all the buzzy, occasionally-dubious beauty hacks I've come across on social media, icing your face (literally: running an ice cube across your skin to reduce puffiness) is by far one of the few that actually makes a difference. Fortunately, there's an easier (read: less messy) way to experiment with this TikTok-favourite; it's called ice globes.
You're probably now wondering, what are ice globes? These chilly tools are wands that you place in the refrigerator or freezer (depending on the product) and then roll across your face and neck to reap a plethora of benefits. Not to mention, they feel amazing on the skin, especially during the summer months or during peri-menopause or menopause.
They fall into the family of facial massage tools but offer different benefits from others, like gua sha and jade rollers, to name a few. The main difference is the shape and the fact that they're designed to be used cold. They are an effective facial treatment as their cold temperatures cause a vasoconstriction response in the skin, causing the blood vessels to shut off as your muscles contract around them. This helps to instantly de-puff skin, reduce redness, and give it a tighter, brighter, and fresher appearance. A must-have in your beauty tool kit, they are ideal at this time of the year to have on hand for use before makeup for a special event, or summer weddings. Also ideal to help recover from jetlag, you can also use an ice globe as often as your heart desires.

Which brings me to The Facialist’s Ice Globes (above), as officially signed off by pro-facialist, Ashleigh Scott herself. “A facial massage tool that is relaxing and cooling and works to encourage better blood circulation and oxygenate the skin,” she says, “you simply glide or roll the globes over the face and neck in slow, gentle movements, taking time to pause on the eye area. Take extra care over areas with inflammation or breakouts, allowing the Ice Globes to cool and calm any redness, while also helping to minimise the appearance of pores, heal and renew skin.” These babies are also ultra-calming and takes your at-home spa experience to a new level, and The Facialist Ice Globes only take 10 minutes to cool, and stay cool during massage.
To use them, hold the globes and use upward and outward movements around the face, repeating each stroke 3-5 times to amplify the benefits of your skincare routine. Add a little extra around the eyes if that’s where you need it most, and when finished, clean the globes with soapy water then leave to dry.
Keen to give the ice globe hack a whirl? The Facialist’s Ice Globes are $79 and available online here.


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