All about: The Body Shop approach to Holiday gifting, and why it matters

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited across the ditch to Sydney attend the official launch of the Christmas gifting offering from longtime change-making brand, The Body Shop. It was a gorgeous affair with breakfast in a beautiful space on one of the city’s iconic wharves with the blue sky as a backdrop, but also came with many an important message delivered by a panel of tastemakers and the brand.
High on the agenda was calling out the impact of Christmas to prompt people to consider how they can make the festive season more meaningful, and spark conversation about ways we can have a more positive impact on the planet, and its communities. At the ethical Christmas event celebrating the company’s Community Fair Trade partners, APAC Brand and Activism Director at The Body Shop, Shannon Chrisp announced the findings of the brand's 'Conscious Christmas report'.
“In the Pacific, we are acutely aware of the negative impacts of climate change, and we’re among some of the most conscious consumers in the world.[1] We also want to make changes to do the right thing; 80 percent of Aussies and 84 percent of Kiwis already think about the impact of their festive purchases” “But it’s often cited that the overconsumption of food, unwanted gifts and packaging means we generate between 30-50 percent more waste at Christmas” Chrisp says “and how many of us really know where our gifts are made, who is making them and if they’re being paid fairly?’
It was sobering stuff, but thankfully the report shows Aussies and Kiwis are heading in the right direction when it comes to ensuring that a fairer Christmas for all - the planet, and communities around the globe - is within reach. Commissioned by The Body Shop and conducted by Pureprofile from 27th October - 8th November 2022, The Body Shop’s Conscious Christmas Report was surveyed 1,009 Australians and 1,022 New Zealanders aged 18 or over and the core sample data was nationally representative across age, gender, and location.
The good news? We are actively looking to do better:
A third (34-38 percent) want to support businesses that do good this festive season
Over half (58-61 percent) want to support local businesses this Christmas
Two- fifths (38-39 percent) say reducing their impact of the environment this Christmas is a top priority
62 percent want to purchase gifts that clean up the planet

The Body Shop's Ultimate Advent Calendar!

Ms Chrisp added: “The silly season is synonymous with excess. We want to ask people to think about what impact their Christmas shopping really has. It’s not about being the Christmas grinch, it is about accessible, doable changes and offering alternatives that have a positive impact on people and the planet.
“Are you contributing to the overconsumption problem or being part of the solution? Do you know where your gift was made, and by whom? Is the brand you’re choosing using their platform all year round to make a positive impact on the world?”
The Body Shop’s long standing Community Fair Trade program is the largest in the beauty industry and focuses on the ethical sourcing of ingredients from skilled artisans who are leveraging wisdoms passed down through generations. Their entire Christmas gift collection has authentic connection to the company’s Community Fair Trade partners through ingredients or packaging. Meaning, each time you buy a gift you’re supporting skilful artisans and communities across the globe.”

Clare Press (above) is a sustainability expert and journalist, who shares five top tips on how we can still embrace Christmas traditions, without compromising impact:
1. Choose gifts that give back, and write sweet notes detailing the stories behind them on your gift tags. When we know the stories behind our products, we connect with them more
2. Try not to shop on Christmas eve – last minute pressure makes us more likely to buy unsustainable or single use gifts
3. Buying gift wrap? Look for recycled or recyclable paper, stay away from the glitter and foil. Recycle old ribbons, or ditch them for string
4 Fight food waste by getting creative with leftovers. Make it a challenge and get the whole family involved.
5. Repurpose a fallen branch as a minimal Christmas tree – looks cute decorated with baubles and you don’t have to feel guilty about buying a plastic one, or wasting the real deal.

The Body Shop’s Christmas gift range is absolutely gorgeous, and available to purchase now.


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