Fragrance news: The Virtue comes to WORLD

If you’ve ever met the inimitable Benny Castles from WORLD, you’ll know he is an absolute connoisseur when it comes to fine fragrance – and he has the most innate sense of style to boot. He’s also an exceptional friend, excellent movie critic and great man all round... But I digress! With all of that in mind, it was only a matter of time before he and the team at WORLD discovered The Virtue, one of my personal favourite fragrance brands and a new arrival in every WORLD boutique’s offering.

If you haven’t heard of The Virtue before, get ready to be amazed. The glorious love child of Creative Director Brooke Lean (above) and her talent for capturing moments that move the soul, she takes memories and bottles them into something that stirs us profoundly on an emotional level, transporting us to a moment in time that has deeply imprinted upon us.
Brooke grew up in Taranaki, and after travelling the world with her young family relocated home to New Zealand to pursue her passion as a talented photographer. It was Brooke’s work as a photographer that first sparked her enthusiasm for capturing powerful moments in time, working with women to capture the birth of their child, their wedding day, or the moment they said yes to a forever as their fiancée took a knee. Brooke understood that there was something else at play whilst she was capturing the most special moments of someone’s lifetime, there was more than what the camera was able to capture. She reflected on her own special memories, and explored the connection between moments in time, and our sensory experience, and it was from this artful exploration that The Virtue was birthed. A range of fine fragrances to capture, enhance and evoke life’s most beautiful experiences.

Brooke has worked for the last six years in collaboration with perfumers in Grasse France, to create The Virtue’s signature fragrances, each one capturing pure magic, and speaking to the soul, evoking moments of perfect nostalgia, and both transporting and empowering the wearer from the second the scent leaves the bottle. All designed in New Plymouth and made in New Zealand, The Virtue captures the magic that is the moments that add the depth to a life well lived.
The Virtue is now honoured to have had five of their fine parfums selected to be stocked in WORLD’s carefully curated collection of iconic, luxury fragrances. “WORLD are the pinnacle in terms of coveted, premium niche fragrance stockists in New Zealand, having them stock The Virtue is a dream come true for me” explains Brooke, and all I can say is that they deserve a seat at that table!

In a market that has traditionally categorised different fragrance for men and for women, Brooke describes The Virtues fragrance offering as genderless. "Our taste evolves with time; it makes sense that our fragrance moves fluidly with this conversation. Wearing our scent is an experience, I want our wearers to wear what makes them feel great - It’s that simple."
From today, WORLD customers will be able to experience and select their favourite The Virtue fragrance from the five available both in stores and online: Holy Smoke, Castro, 1987, Narcosis and Mary Mary I, all available in 50ml Parfum $209 and Premium Hand Rolled Charcoal Incense $65/box of 50 sticks. All come highly recommended x


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