Fragrance news: Nevé releases the perfect gift for candle lovers

People who know me well, know all about my obsession with home fragrance via a scented candle and incense ‘wardrobe’, and I swear I have a scent for every mood, occasion and season. Obsessed yes, but it’s a nice obsession to have! I also have a few tools on hand such as a candle snuffer and wick trimmer (absolute essential), but a new release from New Zealand candle brand Nevé has got me really excited.

For the candle connoisseurs among us, nothing says luxury like the right tools to ensure they light and burn their very best, and the new Rechargeable Arc Candle Lighter that Nevé has added to their essential tools offering is a true must-have. Using specialised electric arc technology, these rechargeable USB lighters do away with the nasty chemicals and flames of matches and gas lighters, offering a much more elegant and sustainable way to ignite your favourite candle in one sleek package.

The high-quality aluminium, slim and stylish flameless lighter can light up to 100 candles off a single charge, and can be relied upon to last for many years to come. Powered by an inbuilt battery with a USB Charging Cord included, the beautiful new Nevé Rechargeable Arc Candle Lighter, $52, is available now exclusively from the Nevé website and comes highly recommended. 
It is also included in the beautiful Nevé Deluxe Candle Care Gift Bundles, $99 (above), which are available online while stocks last, and include a black candle snuffer and matching wick trimmer, for the dream gift for the home fragrance lover in your life.


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