Love it: the Remington Flawless Nails Manicure & Pedicure Kit

Sick of shelling out for mani/pedis and want to attempt a DIY a pro-finish at home? The rather amazing Remington Flawless Nails Manicure & Pedicure Kit has all the essentials you’ll need to achieve perfectly primped and preened fingers and toes — just add your favourite polish and cuticle oil and you’re goof to go... Love that!
A right little wonder pretty much packed with everything you need, it can be used on either natural or arcrylic nails although thus far I’ve only tried it on my currently ‘nude’ toes. They now look perfectly buffed and brilliant, and the fact that the main energy source for all of the components is cordless and can last up to 2.5 hours of use time meant that I could go as sweet and slow as I liked for the best result.
It comes with three different textured coarse disks, two different textured polishing disks, a mini cleaning brush, cuticle pusher, precision shaping cone, precicsion shaping cylinder, callus remover and even an innovative integrated high speed nail dryer fan, which is easier to use on nails than toes but is a bonus all the same. It also includes a manual cuticle push stick, power adaptor storage chamber and instruction book, and once you have the process nailed and have worked out what goes where, is a breeze to use.
Needless to say it is also THE perfect last minute Mother’s Day present – even offer to complete the mani or pedi yourself and reap the rewards!


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