Love it: Davines More Inside This Is A Texturizing Dust

I’ve long been a heavy user of dry shampoo and hair dusts and powders, mainly because I don’t like washing my own hair (First World Problems, oui?) and also because I have a fringe that necessitates frequent re-booting. I got to the gym six days a week and they are a godsend for a greasy fringe, perhaps the perfect product.
The latest to cross my desk is also Italian conscious haircare brand Davines’ first foray into the hair powder arena, and it’s known as This Is A Texturizing Dust. It is a new addition to their beautiful More Inside range, which comes from the salon shelf gift-wrapped by hand – each and every product. I love that!
Designed to offer instant volume, the new This Is A Texturizing Dust can be applied directly to boost height at the roots or rubbed in to the length of the hair for extra body. It’s suitable for all hair types and contains Silica powder, a mineral with absorbent and volumising properties that interact with other ingredients to give hair lasting lift and volume, without leaving any residue or weighing hair down. This has been a problem with some hair dusts/powders as the build up can be brutal, but this gives instant volume and makes hair grippingly perfect for updos as well. Oh and it has a traceless, matte finish, so can be safely used on darker locks with no risk of that telltale talc-like look.
Naturally as it’s Davines it is gleefully paraben free and has no added colourings either, so super safe for use and the planet.
Like many of its ilk it is super easy to use, give it a bit of a shake and then lightly sprinkle onto the roots where volume is desired. Start small and build up to avoid using too much, or sprinkle it into your hands, rub them together then apply to your hair for added texture and definition. Davines says that you can also use it for a “hair expansion” effect by sprinkling it on a flat brush and smoothing through hair tips and lengths.

Davines More Inside Texturizing Dust is available right now for RRP $44.00.


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