All about: the Radiance Superfoods range

We all know how easy it is to stay healthy most of the time, but show me something that helps things become even easier and I say: “bring it on!”
That very thing in this case is the Radiance Superfoods range, which is small, perfectly formed and packs a major punch. And it’s not just for those that have a bad diet either – often the produce we buy has been grown on nutrient depleted soil or stored for extended periods of time, so maybe doesn’t pack the nutritional punch of fruit and vegetables from years gone by. The good people have Radiance have come to our rescue with their Superfoods collection of too-easy packets of goodness, searching the globe to find the very best superfoods so you can add gluten free, dairy free, NON GMO, vegan, super nutrition to your diet whenever you want, in a very convenient and delicious way.
The Radiance Superfoods collection includes three green blends – Super Greens, Berry Greens and Super Greens + Cacao – which are vegan protein and probiotic blends that can easily be added to any drink to transform it into a great tasting nutritious drink that is low in calories. Think morning smoothies, afternoon pick-me-up power shakes… the possibilities are endless.
They have also created the perfect range of single ingredient and simple blend, high quality powders that are perfect for adding ahigh powered nutrient kick to meals. The powders can be included in raw sweet treats, smoothies, stews, salad dressings and more, and I’ve been shovelling the chia seeds and Maca powder into my own morning cereal and my small son’s with zero complaint.
Radiance Superfoods Green Blends have an RRP of $27.90, whilst the single ingredients and other blends range from $12.90-$19.50 and a little goes a loooong way.
Radiance Superfoods are available exclusively from Unichem and Life Pharmacies too, making it so damn easy to get a quality healthy fix that it would be seriously rude not to. Get yours now, you definitely won’t regret it!


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