Love it: Jo Malone London Incense & Cedrat Cologne Intense

If you've ever been into a Jo Malone fragrance boutique (and if you haven’t then I sincerely recommend that you do, and ASAP), then you'll have noticed that the much-loved company is keen not to label its fragrances by gender. Traditionally, the vast majority of its fragrances have tended to favour sweeter, more feminine florals, which are hugely popular for their non-cookie cutter approach and signature fragrance combination possiblities. I’m not usually a florals fan but can always find a way to make a Jo Malone London release work with some of my greener or spicier favourites, and I seriously never get as many compliments on my perfume with any other brand. However having said that, recently I've noticed the brand adding more scents to its Cologne Intense line, which tend to take more masculine notes as their base - and the tenth addition, Incense & Cedrat, is no different. GQ UK called it “perhaps the most guy-friendly iteration yet”, but I think it’s just plain gorgeous – and gloriously unisex.
Jo Malone London launched the first perfumes in the Cologne Intense Collection in 2010 and this June comes the aforementioned Incense & Cedrat, which was inspired by Omani incense. The Omani incense is harvested from the Boswellia sacra tree and Marie Salamagne, the perfumer who created Incense & Cedrat, said that Omani incense has never been captured before. Marie used the NaturePrint™ technique to help it make its way into the perfume, and it comes surrounded by lemon, pepper, elemi, labdanum and benzoin. The NaturePrint™ technique involves taking resinous incense tears into the fragrance house to create and infusion and essential oil, which are then analysed in the laboratory in order to recreate the scent using natural ingredients, under the direction of a Master Perfumer. The science blows my mind a little but let’s just say that the end result is flawless, and I can’t get enough.
I have been a fan of the brand’s Incense & Embers home candle since it arrived on the shelves and have long lamented that it wasn’t a fragrance, so the release of Incense & Cedrat has satisfied my longing and more. It is so wearable and warm especially for this time of year Down Under, and I’ve heard it combines superbly with Oud & Bergamot and Red Roses, both of which I am very keen to try. Oh and bring on a dry body oil please - fingers crossed!
If Incense & Cedrat sounds like a bit of you then the wait is almost over – it will be available as a 100ml Cologne Intense at the beginning of June.


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