Benefit Cosmetics and David LaChapelle celebrate all new they’re real! shades

The Benefit Cosmetics’ they’re real! franchise is the gift that just keeps on giving – and surely two of the best eye loving products on the block. And two of the best are set to get even better with the upcoming launch of their shade extensions for breakthrough products they’re real! mascara and they’re real! push-up liner!
To celebrate in true beauty maven style, the San Francisco-based beauty company has teamed up with famed photographer  - and friend of Pamela Anderson - David LaChapelle to capture the collection’s now-infamous bold-and-girly personality.
In 2011, they’re real! mascara successfully launched—with the “support” of its playful and provocative campaign, featuring an over-endowed bombshell hooked up to a lie detector machine, swearing, “They’re real, honest!” (Her lashes, of course.) Last year, its partner in crime—they’re real push-up liner—joined the lineup in a mug-shot-themed campaign that proved anyone create the perfect cat eye, even whilst sporting a pair of handcuffs (debatable but hey, it looked awesome!).
 “So the question, of course became, ‘How can we continue this magic?’” says Hannah Malott, Creative Director for Benefit Cosmetics. “We knew that [David LaChapelle] could—more than any other—continue our story in a new, bold, unexpected and memorable way. David weaves layers upon layers of stories into his sets. Every element, every detail aids in the weaving of a complex tale that engages the viewer endlessly.”   
So what’s the story behind this campaign? “There’s danger, sex, breaking the rules,” says LaChapelle behind the scenes at the shoot, which costume designer Johnny Wujek describes as “an ode to the 40s and gangster-mafia with a super-sexy LaChapelle twist.”
“You put it together intuitively, and you don’t really know what this story is about,” continues LaChapelle. “It makes you ask questions.” 

But now for more on the two new shades of they’re real! mascara—beyond blue and beyond brown—and four colorful versions of they’re real! push-up liner—beyond blue, beyond brown, beyond purple and beyond green. How do they look? Just beautiful. How do they perform? Superbly. Being blue eyed I’ve been all about the new beyond brown liner in particular for day, and beyond purple for night. You really need little else on for a really popping end result, so they are definitely instant go-to prods for me.
Keep an eye out - these babies are landing soon. 


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