Love it: Kevin Murphy ANGEL and HYDRATE.ME masques

I am all about using hair masques, especially in the lead up to and during summer when hair gets a right hammering while you’re off having fun. All of those things that you love - dips in the pool and the sea, the beachy wave, days in the sun - are the enemy of your locks, and if they are long like mine they need double the TLC once the sun goes down.
Two of my favourite hair masques right now are the work of the inimitable Kevin Murphy, and join the ANGEL and HYDRATE.ME lines in the brand’s impressive stable. HYDRATE-ME.MASQUE is the perfect choice if you have dry hair, and is a repairing and smoothing masque infused with Rosehip and Evening Primrose oils. It smells absolutely incredible, and is enriched with the likes of Kakadu Plum, Seaweed and vitamin charged treatment capsules that explode on contact to deliver hydration and moisture. Once (or twice if you’re in trouble) massage a squirt or two into your hair and scalp for 5-10 minutes then rinse. The end result? Smoother, more hydrated locks that will be more than ready for whatever you’d like to throw at them.
Next up is ANGEL.MASQUE, a repairing and thickening conditioning treatment that has been kindly designed for fine, dry or coloured hair. It contains Quinoa proteins, Tripeptides, Lotus Flower and Bamboo extracts, and helps restore your hair’s elasticity and keep your moisture balance at optimum levels. Once again, apply a couple of squirts to freshly washed hair, massage into hair and scalp for 5-10 minutes then rinse. Magic!
Although these are at the pricier end of the haircare market at $70.00, they last for ages and the squeezable tube means that every little bit comes out - a factor that many brands struggle with, especially when it comes to masques.
Anyway… these are in salon now, so what are you waiting for?


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