Beauty destination: the new Spring Spa, Wellington

I am unashamed to admit that I have never met a Spring Spa location that I haven’t fallen in love with at first sight, and the new Spring Wellington is no different. A totally serene and caring environment a little off the beaten track on the corner of Tory and Jessie Streets in Te Aro, it is based on the concept of a social spa like its sisters and a move away from traditional spa formalities. It is especially designed to combine relaxation, pampering and your weekly manicure appointment in one fun, social environment, but even popping in alone like I did it is an absolute treat.
Every time I am lucky enough to find myself in stunning Queenstown – I swear it’s like looking at a chocolate box photo every corner you turn – I make sure I take some time to visit the always-wonderful Spring Spa there, which conveniently opened in Auckland in the last twelve months as well. Both destinations are most definitely of the “happy place” variety, and I recommend them to everyone I meet who is looking for some dedicated “me” time.
Spring is the stroke of genius of the always-charming and ridiculously clever Ina Bajaj, the creator of the world-renowned East Day Spa. So despite the fact that they are quite a different beauty destination to East, they provide the same high standards of treatment and superior levels of service East is famous for, but with what they call “a Spring spin”.
Anyway, when I travelled to Bali a couple of months ago for ten days of island bliss, at the top of my to-do list was a trip to the incredible new Spring location recently opened there. The same was on my mind when I hit Wellington for a whirlwind work trip last week, and when I sat back for the Spring signature Reflexology treatment for an hour I was transported straight back to Seminyak, seriously! Designed to restore balance to the body with perfect pressure point foot massage, reflexology works its magic to improve circulation, reduce stress and rebalance your body from nose to toes. Heven? You bet. If you’re in the ‘hood then I recommend a trip to Spring Spa ASAP.
To book check out their details here.


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