Love it: fresh new Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge shades

I am a huge fan of Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge, and was a repeat purchaser from pretty much the minute that they were launched back in about 1990. Like all great lipstick they are the ultimate pick me up when you’re feeling blah, and when I’m tired and over it I just slick on a popping shade and be damned the rest of my haggard visage - it’s my lips that people are looking it!
If you haven’t tried them before (shame on you), the formula is an advanced replenishing and reshaping lip colour that contains Pro-Xylane™ and SPF 12 sunscreen. Incredibly creamy and luscious to use, the aforementioned Pro-Xylane™ is a powerful replenishing molecule that creates visibly fuller and smoother lips whenever you apply. The colour is satiny and high in pigment, which coupled with the plumping effective gets ticks all round. Add to that the sleek black case which clicks closed with an innovative magnet-closure system and you have an everyday indulgence that will definitely have you hooked in no time.
For the latest ten shades to be released in the range Lancôme went in search of colour where it “expresses its purest radiance”, at the heart of roses, by developing a colorimetric extraction technique to recreate their vibrant colours in lipstick. The end result sees the world's most beautiful flowers become a genuine source of lipstick shades, and ten of the world's most beautiful and legendary roses were selected to create a mouth-wateringly sophisticated bouquet in the form of these brand new shades.
Totally beautiful and a must have for every handbag, these beauties are available from November 24th 2014 at selected department stores, Farmers and pharmacies.


  1. Am going to treat myself when these new lipsticks come out. They look gorgeous. Mary

  2. Do you what shade penelope cruz is wearing?


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