All about: Plantae Vanilla Bean Day Cream

I’m a sucker for pretty much anything that includes a whiff of vanilla, which is one of the most universally loved scents and one of my faves. The minute I sniff it I feel instantly more at peace with the world, which is why I love burning vanilla candles and whatnot to keep my equilibrium intact.
So, my interest was most definitely picqued when Plantae’s new, exquisitely balancing Vanilla Bean Day Cream came across my desk. I’ve used several of the New Zealand skincare company’s products in the past and have loved them, and like the rest of their collection the entirely plant based day cream includes only the finest natural extracts packed full of phyto-nutrients, to deliver healthy, great skin.
It includes scientifically tested potent superfruit extract Vinanza® Grape Seed Extract, which ensures that it definitely means business. Used in more and more high performance skincare products of late, the super duper powerful ingredient contains exceptionally high levels of antioxidants to enrich, brighten and revive the complexion. The extract is sourced from Marlborough, New Zealand grape seeds (Vitis vinifera),  which contain twice the level of antioxidants of those grown elsewhere in the world. Extracted via a patented process using only water, grape seed extract strengthens capillaries, improves circulation, reduces redness, and lightens the skin, significantly improving its texture and appearance. Sound like a bit of you? Add to that certified organic extracts of my fave Vanilla, Jasmine, Camellia, Shea Butter, Myrrh, Safflower  and Lemon Balm to leave skin protected, rejuvenated and balanced. Just magic! And yep, smells incredible.
Last up, it’s suitable for normal to combination skin types and a little goes a long way.
For more information or to locate your nearest stockist, visit the Plantae website at


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