Beauty news: Designer Brands Cosmetics earns Cruelty Free and Vegan certification

In an amazing piece of news for those that love their products, Designer Brands Cosmetics has officially been granted Choose Cruelty Free certifications as well as Vegan certification from the Vegan Society, acknowledging all ingredients and finished goods are not tested on animals, are free from animal cruelty and are vegan friendly.
Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which actively campaigns for an end to animal testing of cosmetics, toiletries and other household products.
CCF conduct research and testing on every ingredient in Designer Brands products, as well as every supplier of the ingredients, to ensure the cosmetics are completely free from all forms of animal cruelty. 
As a value brand, Designer Brands say they are thrilled to provide a product free from animal testing and animal cruelty, as well as being vegan friendly. The certifications mean consumers can enjoy their faves with the added peace of mind that comes from the knowledge they are purchasing ethical products.
 Designer Brands’ Brand Manager Maz Cugliari said the cruelty free and vegan friendly certifications are both social issues important to the brand and they are pleased to be recognised as an ethically sound brand. “It’s critical for our brand to ensure we are delivering ethical products with socially acceptable practices,” said Ms. Cugliari.
 “When shopping for cosmetics, consumers are looking for a product that ticks all their boxes, and free from animal testing is among the top three considerations, so it was key for us to give consumers peace of mind when purchasing Designer Brands,” said Ms. Cugliari.
Designer Brands is at a variety of pharmacies across All Unichem, Radius, Amcal, Life and Care Chemist pharmacies.


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