Beauty news: Trilogy Everything Balm gets an update

One of my favourite beauty products of all time is Trilogy’s Everything Balm – the ultimate multitasker and proudly nasty-free to boot. An all-round, sure-fire, totally natural fixer upper, it throws together the world’s best pure plant ingredients to soothe, soften and condition all skin types, everywhere. It nourishes hands and nails, conditions lips and softens and smoothes elbows, knees and dry, cracked heels. It works as a super smooth massage oil, an intensive moisturiser for harsh environments, looks after baby, and will even tame the tips of flyaway hair. I never leave home with a pot in my handbag or suitcase, and quite possibly never will!
So why pull out a rave about this beauty yet again? Well one of the best just got better after a reformulation with additional high-performance botanicals renowned for their antiseptic and healing qualities.
As well as doing all of the above, Trilogy Everything Balm can now be used a soothing salve to aid healing of chapped, grazed skin, itchy bites and minor hurts of all sorts.
Pawpaw (papaya) fruit extract is new to the formulation - rich in phytochemicals, that provide antibacterial and skin healing benefits. It’s also a rich source of antioxidant vitamins and helps to reduce inflammation. Echinacea has also been popped in to promote skin healing, and this little wonder also improves skin texture and provides a nutritive defense against environmental stresses. A new base of coconut oil (one of my beauty faves from nature) adds further natural antibacterial properties to help heal and repair and makes the balm more solid to the touch. Rich in nourishing essential fatty acids, it also creates a natural barrier against moisture loss.
These natural actives supplement the balm’s already nourishing and hydrating properties thanks to pure plant oils from marula, jojoba, olive, avocado and certified organic rosehip.  Combine these with New Zealand manuka honey and yep, it’s a surefire winner and must have. Now, if it could only do the dishes…


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