I try: an Evo Fabuloso Pro Temptress Shine Treatment

What seems like eons ago (but was probably only a month or two) I was given an invitation to pop into Pitt Street, Auckland salon Vada to try an Evo Fabuloso Pro colour boosting hair treatment. I dithered and dithered, finally booking in a week ago when my colour was most in dire need of a ‘boost’, and wondered immediately why it had taken me so long!
An absolutely amazing experience all round, it took my dull, desperately in need of a colour locks and totally transformed them - and the whole experience is totally about customisation.
Last year, Evo launched Evo Fabuloso, a range of seven colour-intensifying conditioners that make beautiful, rich hair colour as easy as a trip to the shower and a few minutes reading a mag. The off-the-shelf conditioners deepen browns, de-brass blondes and reinvigorate reds, extend the life of salon colours, and make hair softer, shinier and “more fabulous in general”. Now, they’ve taken things to the next level, with Evo Fabuloso Pro.
The potentially three-stage system – which can include an in-salon colour treatment; an in-salon shine treatment; and a customised take-home conditioner – lets you create your ideal semi-permanent hair colour with your stylist, seal it in and repair hair with the Evo Temptress Shine Treatment, and maintain it magnificently at home with a conditioner mixed by your stylist to exactly match your salon colour.
There are eight mixable shades of peroxide- and ammonia-free semi-permanent colour to play with, and you can create the ideal Evo Fabuloso Pro Colour for your hair – a blazing copper, a beige New York blonde, a delicate lilac… the possibilities are endless. The treatment is applied and is ready to rinse out within 15 minutes tops; no sitting around for hours… and it conditions while it colours.
Next, the Evo Fabuloso Pro Temptress Shine Treatment - which I had -  seals the deal with a deep nourishing treatment that helps lock on the colour, increase shine and repair hair. Finally, you go home with your own individual, one-of-a-kind Evo Fabuloso Pro Customised Conditioner, which is mixed to match your colour and hair type. This lets you give yourself a genuine colour refresh once a week, and the shine factor is through the roof.
So get in there - and don’t wait as long as I did, seriously!


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