Giveaway: a totally transformative Wella three pack!

Winter is the perfect time to stay indoors, treat yourself and do some good on the beauty front - cold nights were just made for face masks, pedicure and home haircare treatments that repair all of the damage done by a summer lived in the sun, surf and sand. Wella have always been at the top of the game when it comes to hair treatments, a lot of them colour and damage-focused and insanely user friendly to boot.
Wella Professionals Brilliance Leave-In Balm is a beautiful formula made with orchid extract that is lightweight and non-greasy despite the fact that it does some serious repair work on the conditioning and moisturising front. Perfect for those with some length, it is designed to be used between washes to prevent damage to hair and ensure colour is kept brilliant for longer.
Lighter again is the Wella Professionals Brilliance Leave In Mousse, which is ultra fine and just melts into coloured hair for a smooth, light touch. Also enriched with orchid extract, it works to keep your colour shiny and fresh for as long as possible.
Last up, their System Professional Colour Save Mask is about as intensive as it gets. Created to continuously protect coloured locks, it amps up colour brilliance and protects against fading to boot. An essential if you colour your hair and want it to last… and last.
If these sound like a bit of you then you’re in luck - I have a set of all three goodies to give away! Just email with your name and courier address by this Friday, June 6 at 5pm and you’re in the draw. 


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