All about: Schwarzkopf Essence ULTÎME and Schwarzkopf Blonde ULTÎME

It’s not unheard of for big beauty companies to align themselves with iconic supermodels, but rarely do they two ever properly meet. The former is usually involved in the likes of R&D, branding and marketing, whilst the latter shows up, smiles and leaves. Bang - a fresh new campaign!
So with that in mind it is pretty damn impressive that two new hair cosmetics brands have been exclusively developed with beauty icon Claudia Schiffer: Schwarzkopf Essence ULTÎME and Schwarzkopf Blonde ULTÎME. They work together to “combine the insider know-how of one of the world’s most famous and successful models with the hair expertise of Schwarzkopf”, and the result is a pretty damn fine product line up, and a bit of a steal (most products are around $14.99) at that.
“I’ve always wanted to design and create hair cosmetics products and Schwarzkopf has given me the opportunity to finally develop my own signature hair line,” said the relatively reclusive of late Schiffer, who has been in the modelling business for more than 25 years and knows exactly what kind of aggressions hair is exposed to when it comes to washing, drying, styling and styling again. The genuinely collaborative affair has created Schwarzkopf Essence ULTÎME; a haircare range for incredibly strong and amazingly shiny hair.  Each high performance formula contains the ULTÎME-4-Complex, a combination of pearl essence, panthenol, refined protein and keratin. This extra creamy consistency surrounds each hair strand enveloping and nourishing all dimensions of the hair structure: repairing the hair in the cells and restoring the natural elasticity. Hair surface is refilled and the protective lipid film is rebuilt, meaning serious strength and killer shine. To complement the ranges, Schwarzkopf and Schiffer created a signature fragrance consisting of 135 carefully selected ingredients including white musk, sandalwood and vanilla. Yum!
Elements I love include the BB Beauty Balm and an Intensive Mask, as well as the Diamond Color with Diamond Gloss Serum and UV filter to protect coloured hair against fading.
Last up, Schwarzkopf Blonde ULTÎME is a collection of beautiful, high performing blonde colours including Claudia’s own personal shade (10-1 Cool Light Blond). The formulas include pearl essence to make hair super soft with multi-faceted shine. 


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