All about: THE BODY Elle Macpherson Intimates

One of the first lingerie ranges I ever truly fell in love with - and bought by the bucketload - was Elle Macpherson Intimates, and I still regularly slip into pieces by the same brand on a more than regular basis. Their collections have always had some absolute standout stars, and some of my long term favourites have shown up in the brand new THE BODY Elle Macpherson Intimates range, an innovative and uniquely merchandised collection of intimate apparel.  
Created and designed by the inimitable - and always inspiring - Elle Macpherson, the collection is made up of four key silhouettes that draw inspiration from much loved (and not just by me) Elle Macpherson Intimates collection, which is right now celebrating 25 years in the business of beautiful lingerie. For a brand to have lingered that long you know it is doing something right, and in the case of EMI, it’s doing a LOT right.
Says Elle of the new collection, “I created THE BODY Elle Macpherson Intimates because I believe that a strong silhouette is the foundation of a great body shape, both under clothing and undressed. I wanted to address everyday bras at accessible pricing with unique and easy to find merchandising in a crowded market." Let me just say that it’s bloody gorgeous, and made up of the following four distinct silhouettes designed to suit needs and body shape:
- THE BODY BOOST is an ultra-sexy maximum lift and plunge and is ideal for those looking for a sexier silhouette.
- THE BODY FIT is a sporty, sexy demi-cut bra featuring a customised lift for your shape and size. 
- THE BODY NATURAL collection is unlined for a natural lift for when you want nothing between you and your bra.
- THE BODY SMOOTH moulds to the body for a smooth fit and is lightly lined for a subtle lift for when you want your bra to be smooth and invisible.

It’s all pretty desirable really, and in store right now at Bendon Lingerie stores and Farmers department stores nationwide. Get in there and get in there FAST.


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