Beauty news: Pureology celebrates its 5th birthday by giving back

I could go on all day about why Pureology is one of my favourite haircare brands, and they just keep pulling more and more amazing products - and initiatives - to grow the love even more.
I’ve been using the brand in some shape or form on my locks pretty much since the day it launched into the New Zealand market, which I just found out was an amazing five years ago. To mark the anniversary, the eco-conscious brand (which was founded in California in 2001) has decided to build on its commitment to environmental causes worldwide by announcing a new partnership with New Zealand’s Sustainable Coastlines programme.
Pureology product manager Kristin Borley says the brand and Sustainable Coastlines have a shared purpose of working to reduce human environmental impact and “preserve what matters”. “We are proud to be associated with such a great organisation,” she said, adding “it is important as we celebrate our 5th year in New Zealand that we commit to a long term cause that has benefits for the wider New Zealand community.”  
As a brand, Pureology promotes a long-term commitment to minimising its environmental impact through water conservation, waste reduction and sustainability education. Sustainable Coastlines coordinates and supports large-scale coastal clean-up events, education programmes, public awareness campaigns and riparian planting projects. The work that Sustainable Coastlines does – in both clean-ups and sustainability education – ensures our beaches and waterways are protected for the enjoyment of future generations. My five year old son’s school have been pushing the need to preserve our oceans for the wellbeing of his own generation, and if we all follow that example then the oceans of the future will be assured a special and protected place.
The partnership kicks off in July with $1 from purchases of selected Pureology Sustainable Coastlines-stickered bottles going to the charity. The donations will help to fund education events and clean-up days to keep our coastlines beautiful for future generations. This year the charity is gearing up to clear our coastlines of litter through organised coastal clean-ups and clean our waterways with nationwide planting projects. Last year, the Sustainable Coastlines team and volunteers removed 105,000 litres of rubbish from Kiwi coastlines - insane really.
SO, it goes without saying that this is an important cause for all New Zealanders, and what better way to support it than combining the initiative with giving yourself great hair?


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