All about: Bras n Things Curvessence 3D bra

After being diagnosed with - and successfully treated for - breast cancer almost two years ago, I have been on a constant search for truly great, underwire-free bras. Seriously, they are hide to find - that perfect mix of good looking, comfy and supportive of my girls? Harder than you think!
I still wear underwires for short periods of time and can’t give up some of my favourites, but one that meets all of the criteria above is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Lonely lingerie do some superb versions (all of which I own) and one I have just heard about and am gagging to try is Bras n Things’ Curvessence 3D bra.
Reportedly “the world’s first 3D bra”, it has been created with engineered nylon ribs that act as a replacement to the underwires.  The ground breaking and completely wire free innovation has been engineered in partnership with industry expert Kay Cohen, who I met many times years ago and is an absolute legend with over twenty years experience in lingerie design. ‘’Some 50 years ago the underwire bra was introduced to women’s apparel,” said Kay. “An innovation of its time, modern technology has now passed it by. I decided there was a need to create a truly comfortable, supportive and feminine bra to replace the archaic underwire bra and Curvessence is the realisation of this vision.”
And where does the 3D bit come in? ‘’By capturing thousands of 3D body scans, Curvessence studied and learned from the shapes of real women’s bodies and used these findings as the basis of creating this industry first invention,’’ said Natalie Lenton, General Manager of Product at BNT. ‘’Not since the invention of the underwire has the lingerie industry witnessed such a revolutionary breakthrough in design.”
Amazing huh? The Curvessence™ collection is exclusive to Bras n Things and will be available in push-up and contour styles and in a range of colours and sizes from 10A to 16DD, with an RRP of $69.99.  


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