Perfect for Mother’s Day: Elizabeth Arden UNTOLD Eau Légère

Elizabeth Arden is renowned for its beautiful fragrances, which come complete with a pocket-friendly price point that means they are most definitely in the ‘affordable luxury’ category.
The latest - and perfectly timed for Mother’s Day - is UNTOLD Eau Légère, which follows hot on the heels of the remarkably successful launch of UNTOLD Eau De Parfum. Arden calls it “a dazzling interpretation of UNTOLD original that reflects the more light-hearted side of today’s modern woman as she thrives in her life’s journey”, but I call it just plain delicious.
Like the original, UNTOLD Eau Légère was designed to reflect the many dimensions of a woman, but while the former emphasises the sophistication and grace of the modern woman, UNTOLD Eau Légère has been designed to celebrate her brilliant vibrancy, spontaneity and natural femininity.
Definitely a more citrus, airy floral formula, UNTOLD Eau Légère was crafted by legendary perfumer Clement Gavarry. He has been responsible for adding sparkling green apple, grapefruit and purple freesia to the fragrance to make a sharper yet still totally wearable scent. With top notes of blackcurrant, bergamot, pink pepper and pear, the beautiful fragrance leads to mid notes of gardenia, peony and jasmine. Finished with strong sandalwood, patchouli heart, musk and amber at the base it is definitely classic but with a modern twist, and I reckon mum’s everywhere will love it. Hell, I’m a mum and I can’t get enough!
Lucky for you then that UNTOLD Eau Légère is available right now at Elizabeth Arden counters nationwide.


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