Giveaway: the perfect match, S.Pellegrino + Pinot Noir

They are calling it the “taste of terroir”, and yep, where it comes from is just as important for water as it is for wine.
The oenophiles amongst us have long appreciated the importance of terroir in the creation of their favourite wines. Climate, soil and topography give grapes - and the wines they are used to create - a unique “sense of place” depending on region, as well as determines the quality of the end result. What many don’t realise is that terroir is just as important for the water that’s served alongside the wine.
A water’s character depends on the site of its source and the aquifer, the porous rock through which the water trickles. Famous (or perhaps infamous) bon vivants, the ancient Romans were as discerning about water as they were about wine, judging the water from each of their aqueducts by transparency and taste. They also imported “bottled” water at vast expense. Travellers between Florence and Bologna would refresh themselves at the Acqua Panna spring, renowned for the purity of its water. Fast forward to 2014 and that spring is the source of Acqua Panna mineral water, which reflects its own unique terroir in its perfectly balanced, limpid, light-bodied taste and smooth, velvety mouth feel.
S.Pellegrino is another special water displaying the characteristics of the rather glamorous region from which it hails, with the source located deep in the Orobie Alps. During the Middle Ages the water was renowned for promoting health and wellbeing, and today it tastes just the same - think lively and long‐lived bubbles that feel creamy on the palate. The slightly salty taste is well balanced with acidity, and the rich minerality gives it a lovely thirst-quenching feel.
But onto the giveaway mentioned in the title - the perfect match of water and wine! Due to their unique organoleptic (love that word) properties, specific mineral content and refined taste, both Acqua Panna and S.Pellegrino enhance the enjoyment of good food - and fine wine.  The official water of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale, Acqua Panna should be served with softer wines with moderate alcohol content, whilst high mineral sparkling like S.Pellegrino complements spicy Syrahs and other full-bodied reds like Pinot Noir.
To celebrate this momentous match I have three packs made up of a six-pack of S.Pellegrino and a bottle of Mission Martinborough Reserve 2012 Pinot Noir to giveaway! Simply email with your name, date of birth and courier address and “Water and wine” in the subject line before May 30 to go in the draw… oh and this competition is only valid for those over 18 years of age, so pop your date of birth in there too.


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