Love it: Guinot Longue Vie Pieds foot cream

I always have various foot cream formulas on hand to massage in post-bath and pre-bed, usually when I’m glued to the couch watching rubbish tele, glass of pinot noir in hand. It is amazing the difference that the - healthy - habit has made to my tootsies, and it is a ritual that really amps up over winter when cashmere socks come into the equation - pure heaven!
As well as a right treat, regularly using a quality foot cream makes beauty sense: because I figure when you’re shelling out $$ for a professional to ensure your toes look great every few weeks, why let the side down with manky old heels?
One of the latest - and most luxurious - versions I’ve tried of late comes from Guinot in the form of Longue Vie Pieds foot cream - the legendary French brand’s first beauty cream made to protect, soften, and soothe feet. 
The amazing formula contains an incredible 56 biological active ingredients that deeply penetrate the skin to help stimulate cell renewal and repair cracked, dry, and blistered feet, and it smells like pure heaven. It also leaves no greasy residue, making it easy to get in bed or put on shoes immediately after use. From what I’ve experienced it leaves feet looking and feeling better after just one application too, which gets two thumbs up from me.
Its key ingredients are Liposkin to nourish and rebuild the skin’s hydrolipidic film (the foot’s natural protective barrier),while D-Panthenol strengthens nails and a combination of sweet almond oil and shea butter nourish and hydrate. Last up, Microcidine deodorises and sanitizes, and Allantoin relieves blistered feet. Magnifique!
Keep up the good work over winter and just in time for sandal season you’ll be sporting the best pair of pieds in town… or when you hit some tropical locale during the winter months you’ll go sneaker free with pride!


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