Love it: the M.A.C PatentPolish Lip Pencil collection

Feast your eyes on the beautiful new M.A.C PatentPolish Lip Pencil collection. A hybrid product, they combine the ease of a gloss with the creaminess of a lipstick and yep, I love them!
I was actually surprised the MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil ($20) Collection didn’t launch sooner since the chubby lip pencil trend has been well and truly fizzing for a while now! However, as is true to the brand, M.A.C has created an entirely new formula with their Patentpolish Lip Pencils. They aren’t a duplicate formula and are quite unique in their texture.
Each is a swivel up design featuring a domed tip and I, for one, LOVE the dome tip. It fits the contour of my lips perfectly, and is a unique shape for a lip pencil considering most brands prefer a more precise point. They don’t require sharpening as you may have guessed and have the faint, subtle vanilla taste that M.A.C uses for many of its lip formulas.
They give lips a luscious shine with just a couple of swipes, and are about as handbag-friendly as they get. I love that application may not necessarily need a mirror, and they are available in a range of 12 new shades - from bright corals to soft, rosy pinks and natural nudes. One is quite simply, not enough!
These land in just under two weeks’ at M.A.C locations everywhere and have an RRP or $44.00.


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