Beauty destination: CHANEL beauty boutique, Emporium Melbourne

CHANEL has continued the national expansion of its beauty boutique network, unveiling a 90m sq footprint in Emporium Melbourne on Saturday 3rd May. Emporium Melbourne is a fresh new retail destination covering seven floors and 48,000 square metres from Lonsdale to Bourke streets, and yet another reason to visit the beautiful and unique city.
Home to some of the world’s brightest and most successful brands, it is the location of Zoo York’s first flagship store outside of the US as well as the home of Japanese retail giant UNIQLO, also making its Australian debut. Topshop’s new flagship will spread itself out into three floors, and for the first time, Melbourne shoppers won’t have to travel to Sydney to visit Victoria’s Secret.
Managing Director of CHANEL Australia & New Zealand David Blakeley said of the move, “CHANEL Australia is delighted to be opening our fourth Victorian beauty boutique in Emporium, Melbourne. Our first beauty boutique opened in Queensland in November 2011 and we have been very pleased with the results. This new boutique will allow the Melbourne customer to discover first-hand the total luxury beauty shopping experience.”
In a nod to the founder of the House, Mademoiselle Chanel, the new boutique sets out its offerings in pairs: two fragrance bars (for men and women) utilise the incredibly clever - and naturally, CHANEL-patented - Ceramic Blotting system to help diminish fragrance fatigue. A makeup playstation featuring the latest makeup creations fast-tracked from the CHANEL runway shows, mirrors a skincare bar at the opposite side, showcasing the incredible brand’s exceptional textures and tailored offerings for every complexion.
As an anchor to the space, the Espace Parfum, with matching tweed sofa chairs, provides an intimate environment for customers to explore the entire CHANEL fragrance universe, including the rare and precious Les Exclusifs de CHANEL collection.
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